INTO THE GREAT WHITE SANDS was made possible by the generous support of people who have collected and supported the photographer's work and by folks who supported the project through a Kickstarter Funding effort.
Art sometimes needs a little help. I am humbled by the generosity of those who helped make this project possible.
Thank you!
Craig Varjabedian
Tomas Abreu
Abby, Stephen & Wayne
Anonymous x 4
Tony and Gaynor Banham
Eric Banks and Lois Wilson
John Berkenfield
Robert and Joan Behlman
M. Robert Blum
Robert and Myra Bullington
Jeannie Camosy
Cheryl Cathcart
Mike Castles
John Cavallito
Randy Chance
Dr. Robert W. Clevenger
Nat Coalson
Diana Cook
Ron Cooper
Carole Debeer
Katrina and Steve Dickerson
Jim Eckles
Dr. Andrew Epstein
James R. Fullerton
Dr. Donald and Barbara Gazibara
Deborah Glessner
Tye Hardison
Gary Hein
Don and Kathy Holtzclaw
Craig Alan Huber
Scott A. Hutchinson
Kathy Imel
Kevin K. Jones
Robert and Sandra Kal
Dr. Burton Kushner
Michael R. Johnson
Dr. Mark D. Johnston
Clifford Land
Cindy Lantrip
Debra Nunes and Janet LaPierre
Hanna and Larry Lattman
J. David Levy
Paula Loftin
DiAnn L’Roy
Howard and Ellen Lowery
Robyn Mehmke
Dolph and Jeanne Miller
Roland Miller
Michael R. Mock
Sue Glover Mottinger
Charles Ondrej
Leah Ostro
Barbara and Dale Ouimette
Clyde Parrott
Doug and Teresa Peterson
Bill Polkinhorn Photography
Cathy Porter
Amy Reams
Lisa and Tom Redburn
Lisa Richardson
Mike Rosebery
James Saxon
Stephen Schafer
James and Yolanda Scheihing
Nicholas Schoeder
Bill Schultz
Robert W. Shea
John Ashley Simmons
Russell Smith
Kerry Stewart
Robert W. Stuhrman
Rhonda Troutman
Jim and Marjorie Van Hoy
Vicki Vaughan
Hank Voegtle
W.C. Waterbury Jr.
K. Wheeler
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