I have tried to take good photos inside White Sands National Monument and can testify that it is difficult. I’m sure most visitors would agree – the stark white, the wind, the glaring sun, and the dead, pale-blue skies can make it hard to capture what your mind sees. Now, visitors and locals can own a book of great White Sands photos, something to enjoy and share with family and friends.
Craig Varjabedian spent years visiting White Sands National Monument, days at a time, during all seasons. He took thousands of photographs. His selection of images for this book covers most aspects of the monument, from the obvious gypsum sand dunes to humans interacting in the sandbox. Many of them are drop dead gorgeous. I imagine ten different people will have ten different favorites.
I was lucky to be involved in the project when Craig wanted to include some photos of White Sands Missile Range. I was his guide on the Army installation. The missile range completely surrounds the monument and impacts many activities in the park. At the same time, the missile range is not a bombed-out, stark landscape. It has National Historic Landmarks, mountains, canyons and pristine Native American sites. Craig added some of these photos to provide a more complete picture of the Tularosa Basin, where the monument is found.
As is said in the book, Craig has graphically portrayed a national monument that has nothing to do with its Army neighbor, but has everything to do with making the country worth defending.
-Jim on Amazon.com

Into the Great White Sands is a remarkable portrait of not only a significant natural resource, but a man who spent decades in preserving its reflections in fine art photography. The expert introductions and insights to White Sands monument and the surrounding national defense testing area add to the unique character of a very special place in southern New Mexico. The volume illustrates the natural beauty of White Sands through magnificent photography by an internationally recognized fine art artist, and invites every reader to become part of this extraordinary place. Varjabedian's special gift brings the reader into his world of serene beauty along with a place of fun, adventure and cultural importance. The book offers something for readers of all ages and interests; there's just enough science and history for those who seek to understand how the white sands developed, and plenty of stunning landscape for the most discerning seeker of fine art photography. Clearly, the heart of the author resides in the pages of this work. If White Sands is a religion, Varjabedian is its prophet. See for yourself.
-Margaret on Amazon.com

Craig Varjabedian's photographs of New Mexico and the American West are simultaneously sublime and iconic. The photographs presented in this book, made at White Sands National Monument, are an eloquent addition to Craig's volume of work. Sweeping landscapes and stunning skies of day and night are juxtaposed with portrait-like images of more intimate details. This collection of photographs, and the essays alongside them, is a beautiful achievement, and truly a must-have for anyone who loves New Mexico and its stunning landscape.

If you haven't been to White Sands, after perusing the images in this book, you'll be dying for a trip... and if you have ventured there before, you'll want to return.

- Sarah Mac on Amazon.com

Although the book is filled with excellent photographs of White Sands National Monuments, it also includes some excellent narratives of White Sands and the local area. This book is an outstanding example of what a talented photographer can do with the landscape under various lighting conditions. Craig Varjabedian displays his unique ability to utilize his talent to provide the reader with a variety of views of White Sands. A must book if you are interested in the National Monuments and National Parks.
-A Kindle Customer on Amazon.com
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